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The Crafty Coles, LLC

It started as a hobby which turned into a dream. That dream turned into a line of products fueled by the passion and love that our family shares with each other. From our family to yours, enjoy the many flavors that The Crafty Coles can provide for your kitchen.


So far, The Crafty Coles have donated $540 to a local charity. This charity encourages and teaches children life lessons they use on a daily basis. 

Smoked Sea Salts 

A line of Smoked Sea Salts that have been smoked for a minimum of 12 hours to infuse every grain with the unique smoky flavor each one provides.


Infused Sea Salts

Our Infused Sea Salts have been carefully blended and infused with unique flavors to revamp your spice rack and take your dish to the next level.

Crystal Salt

Homemade Extracts

  • The Crafty Coles Homemade Extracts are a baker's dream. They are meticulously blended and brewed to provide lots of flavor in a little package.


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