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Every artist deserves the best materials. YOU are the artist. We just provide the top of the line home grown flavors you need to create your kitchen masterpieces.

About Us 

The Crafty Coles started as a combination of hobbies. Two of our hobbies consist of cooking for those that we love, and growing a garden filled with love. Those two hobbies combined introduced a singular question. How can be best utilize that which we have grown to take the dishes we make to the next level? Months of growing and smoking (in the smoker) and mixing and cooking and taste testing and more taste testing, and suddenly we had a line of products we were proud to share with our friends and families. Anything less than the best doesn't make the cut. We are a family of dreamers . We also happen to be a family that really enjoys a home cooked meal. Our spices and extracts are not made quickly. Our products are made with care, love, and time, because that's what a family meal deserves. The thing about hobbies are that they tend to be things you find your passion in, so to say we are passionate about our products would be an understatement. Everything we make is hand crafted with an attention to detail you would expect from something made by people who truly love what they do. And now we bring these products to you... from our family to yours.  



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