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Gift Box Sea Salts

Gift Box Sea Salts

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Holiday shopping has just gotten easier. Our Gift Box Sea Salts are the perfect gift for the cooks in your life. Each set will have four of our different sea salts from smoked to infused. Every Gift Box will be packaged in a decorating window box, so no need for wrapping. Choose four salts from the list below, or leave it blank if you wish for us to choose for you! 


1. Hickory Smoked Sea Salt

2. Apple Smoked Sea Salt

3. Maple Smoked Sea Salt

4. Oak Smoked Sea Salt

5. Pecan Smoked Sea Salt

6. Jalapeno Infused Sea Salt

7. Habanero Infused Sea Salt

8. Ghost Pepper Infused Sea Salt

9. Carolina Reaper Infused Sea Salt

10. Rosemary Infused Sea Salt




    2 Ounce - Plastic Jar without Shaker Top

    Gift box dimentions: Length - 4 1/4 inches, Width - 4 1/2 inches, Height - 2 3/4 inches 


    Smoked Sea Salts - Sea Salt 

    Jalapeno Sea Salt - Jalapenos, sea salt 

    Habanero Sea Salt - Habaneros, sea salt

    Ghost Pepper Sea Salt - Ghost Peppers, sea salt

    Reaper Sea Salt - Carolina Reaper Peppers, sea salt

    Rosemary Sea Salt - Rosemary, sea salt

    No added caking agents, peservatives or dyes


    Choose 4 from the following options:

    Hickory Smoked Sea Salt

    Apple Smoked Sea Salt

    Maple Smoked Sea Salt

    Oak Smoked Sea Salt

    Pecan Smoked Sea Salt

    Jalapeno Infused Sea Salt

    Habanero Infused Sea Salt

    Ghost Pepper Infused Sea Salt

    Carolina Reaper Infused Sea Salt

    Rosemary Infused Sea Salt


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